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The Neighbors Law Firm, P.C. is a full service law firm, dedicated to serving families and victims throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia in legal matters ranging from estate planning to cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths caused by the negligence of others.  As its mainstay, The Neighbors Law Firm has developed a streamlined, professional estate planning practice to serve clients throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  The types of litigation we handle include childbirth injuries, medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability, and insurance disputes.  We also handle a very specific area of criminal defense.  Learn more about these practice areas by clicking the icons to the left.

Who We Are

The firm is led by Patrick E. Neighbors. Patrick Neighbors has an extensive history in civil and criminal litigation, securing substantial victories in both areas.  His network of consultants consists of a surgeon, a registered nurse, a special needs educator, and prominent plaintiff's attorneys throughout the state.  With this team, he is able to provide the client a quick response on the status and probability of success in any given case.  

What We Do

The Neighbors Law Firm was developed with an eye toward focusing on the needs of its clients, and an attitude of counselors, not just attorneys, at law.  The first thing a client realizes when contacting The Neighbors Law Firm is the approachability of the firm, and the genuine concern for achieving the correct and satisfying result for the client.  

How We Do It

Logic.  Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor, was also a stoic philosopher.  He held that ethical doctrines were supported by logical conclusions.  At The Neighbors Law Firm, we develop the complete logical and systematic conclusion of the case before filing suit.  Only in this manner can we achieve a result that is both beneficial to the client and society at large.  Investigation.  Every case is exhaustively investigated.  At The Neighbors Law Firm, not only do we observe the wingnut, but we slice it open and see what's inside.  Consistency.  Every case, regardless of subject matter or size, is prepared in the same thorough and strategic manner, as if jury verdict will be the final resolution to maximize the client's benefit.  

Welcome to The Neighbors Law Firm!

We take the concept of "attorney-client relationship" one step further.  To be a client of ours is to be a partner in a great and noble undertaking.  You'll work closely with us...You'll understand the importance of quality professionals...You'll value the rule of law...And you'll be glad you put your trust in us.

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Learn about Patrick Neighbors and his experience in the law.

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