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What do you do if you believe you have a personal injury claim against another person or corporation?  A few personal injury claims are caused by the intentional acts of others.  These involve issues of assault and/or battery.  While the criminal courts are often involved in these actions, there is a civil claim for money damages that may be made against a person who intentionally injures another.

Most personal injury claims, however, deal with negligence.  Negligence is defined as a failure to use reasonable care.  In other words, doing something a reasonably careful person would not do, or failing to do something a reasonably careful person would do.  One party can only be liable for another partyís personal injury if that person was at fault and that fault was the cause of the other personís injury.  Most personal injury claims involve automobile accidents, bus, plane, or train accidents.  Premises liability cases may include slip and falls, building defects, failure to provide adequate security or the like.

If you have a claim that you believe requires the use of an attorney, you should contact The Neighbors Law Firm early.  You should not give statements or make comments to a representative of the other party without legal advice.

Often times, the total extent of an injury cannot be determined for some length of time.  This is particularly true with injuries to children, injuries that cause emotional problems, and injuries that aggravate pre-existing conditions.  In the final analysis, the amount of money that you receive to compensate you for your personal injuries generally is dependent on the extent of your injuries.

Different benefits for a claim for personal injury are dependent upon the type of accident and the type of insurance coverage held by the different parties.  If you are represented by an attorney, it is important for you to bring to that attorney all of your insurance policies including automobile, health, and disability. Caution should be used in resolving these claims early.

In a personal injury claim, a person may bring a claim for their out-of-pocket medical expenses, wages lost because of being disabled, their ability to earn wages in the future, pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability and inability to lead the same life one led before the incident.  A claim can also be made for the death of an individual by that person's estate.

Most attorneys handle personal injury cases based on a contingency fee, which means the lawyer takes as a fee a percentage of the recovery.

If you believe you have suffered injuries as the result of someone else's negligence, you should contact The Neighbors Law Firm as soon as possible by calling (919) 550-6055 or by clicking the link below to have your claim evaluated.

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