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At The Neighbors Law Firm, we hold medical providers in high regard.  Most medical providers are highly skilled professionals who will never be under scrutiny for medical mishaps.  Medical providers, like everyone else in society, however, must abide by certain standards.  In the medical - legal world, these principles are called "standards of care."  They are the fundamentals that every provider should follow when practicing medicine.  

Essentially, if a provider doesn't follow a standard of care, chances are they have committed negligence.  Standards of care differ from specialty to specialty.  They are much like the rules of the road; if a driver is negligent, and hits you, causing you personal injury or damage, you expect him to pay for his negligent actions.  If a medical provider, whether it be a doctor, nurse, or facility personnel, is negligent, nothing less should be expected.  If your doctor, hospital or pharmacist made a mistake, and that mistake caused you serious injury, you may have been the victim of medical malpractice.

Consider the Following Questions:

  1. Did you or a family member suffer a severe or permanent injury while under the care of a doctor, hospital or other health care provider?
  2. Did your doctor keep information from you about your medical condition or fail to disclose all the risks of your surgery, and did one of those unknown risks cause you injury?
  3. Did your insurance company question the appropriateness of specific procedures, tests or diagnoses which resulted in delaying your treatment or preventing you from getting the best surgery for your condition?
  4. Did the doctor cause appropriate medical treatment to be delayed by failing to test for and diagnose a disease in a timely manner?
  5. Did your doctor cause an injury to you or your baby during childbirth?  See Childbirth Injuries.
  6. Did prescription medication cause you injury?  See also Products Liability.
  7. Did your doctor fail to refer you to an appropriate specialist (such as an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist or cardiovascular surgeon) and as a result your condition worsened?
  8. Did your doctor fail to follow up on an abnormal test result or order the proper test in a timely manner?
  9. Were you discharged from a hospital or from your doctor's care before you should have been, and as a result your condition or injury worsened?

Have you answered "yes" to any of these questions?  If so, you may have a legitimate claim.  We believe that legitimate medical malpractice claims help maintain the high quality of medical care that a patient expects.  People tend to be more careful when they are held accountable for their actions. 

Patrick Neighbors has extensive experience in medical malpractice, having practiced as a defense attorney for doctors and hospitals in the most serious actions.  Contact The Neighbors Law Firm by calling (919) 550-6055 or by clicking the link below.

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