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Criminal Defense

Have you had charges served on you?  Been accused of a crime?  Under suspicion?  Facing any type of administrative board?  If you fall into any of these categories, you have come to the right place.

Patrick Neighbors has an extensive and impressive history in criminal matters, first as a prosecutor in the United States Air Force, and then as a military criminal defense counsel.  While serving as a criminal defense counsel, Patrick served over 500 clients accused of misconduct, serious crimes, military specific crimes, and adverse administrative actions.  He has even successfully defended a surgeon before a decredentialing hearing.

In regard to his criminal defense history, Patrick has defended the most serious crimes, including assault and battery, sexual offenses, drug offenses, theft, misappropriation, and military specific crimes such as wrongful use of government travel cards.  His record speaks for itself.  Upon leaving the military, Patrick had obtained a 37% acquittal rate, by jury verdict, on all charges served on military personnel.  He feels that his success rate is strictly dependent on the thorough preparation and investigation he dedicates to each case.

Everyone basically agrees on two principles.  One, that it is better to let ten guilty people go free than to convict and send to jail an innocent person.  That is why our laws are structured to afford someone the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  Two, everyone would probably agree that no one should be convicted before receiving a "fair" trial.  What, however, is a "fair" trial?

Patrick's theory on "fairness" underlies the success he has obtained.  The law generally presumes an accused has received a fair trial if he has been read his rights, been afforded "effective assistance of counsel," and the trial court hasn't "abused its discretion."  However, the courts are reluctant to second guess decisions made by the attorney at the trial level.  Sad as it may be, Patrick's opinion is that some trials will be "fairer" than others as a result of the quality of legal representation an accused is provided.  Many people don't realize that trials can be won or lost based on the attorney's grasp of rules of procedure and evidence.  Superior legal representation translates into the ability of your attorney to spot winning issues, to thoroughly develop any evidence in your case, to prevent adverse, inadmissible evidence from working its way into court from overzealous prosecutors, and to assimilate all this into winning, tactical decisions.  

A quality attorney will understand that the war is won one battle at a time.  Moreover, if the case is thoroughly prepared, many battles will have been won before trial is begun.  This is how superior results are achieved. 

If you are accused of an offense, under suspicion for any reason, or facing any type of adverse proceeding, you should not make another move before contacting The Neighbors Law Firm by calling (919) 550-6055 or by clicking the link below!


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